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चीनी नेता वू हाओ की इंटरनेट पर ठुकाई

( चीनी नेता वू हाओ)
       ये जनाब हेकड़ी में रहते हैं, इन्हें अपनी सत्ता की ताकत का नशा है। ये जनाब यूनान प्रान्त के प्रौपेगैण्डा विभाग में डिप्टी डायरेक्टर हैं।चीन के नामी नीति निर्माता हैं। इन दिनों ये साहब चीन में चर्चा में हैं। चीन के नेट यूजरों में इनका खूब नाम है। इस तरह के हेकड़ीबाज कम्युनिस्ट नेता पश्चिम बंगाल में भी सनसनाते रहते हैं, वे भी सबक लें कि नेट के आने के बाद नेता की कैसी गत बन सकती है। 
     इन जनाब ने चीन-गूगल विवाद के प्रसंग में कई महत्वपूर्ण बातें कही हैं,इन साहब का नाम है वू हाओ । इनका गूगल विवाद पर एक घटिया लेख इनके ब्लॉग पर छपा था जिस पर चीन के नेट यूजरों ने इनकी जमकर पूजा-सेवा की । और यह पूजा इस कदर हुई कि जनाब को अपना ब्लॉग पर लिखा लेख,टिप्पणियों के साथ हटाना पड़ा। यहां हम इस हेकडीबाज नेता के ब्लॉग पर छपा लेख और उस पर आई टिप्पणियों के अंश दे रहे हैं जिससे हमारे हिन्दी पाठक देखकर सीखें कि उन्हें हेकड़ीबाज नेताओं के साथ नेट पर क्या करना चाहिए। इससे यह भी जानें चीन की जनता किस  तरह कम्युनिस्ट नेताओं की नेट पर पिटाई करती है। यह भी देखें कि चीन के नेट यूजरों की प्रतिक्रिया कैसी होती है- 
A Transcript from the Sina Microblog of Wu Hao, Yunnan’s Vice Minister of Propaganda

From WU Hao’s “The Wu’s Daughter is Growing Up Microblog”

Wu Hao: Polite warning: I’m willing to take any criticism that people might put out on my microblog. But I’m not going to take crap from traitors. This is what I stated months ago and there’s no way I’m going to change my position here.  If you want to fawn over Google’s stinky feet, then wag your tail between your legs and go begging in Washington.  Their 50 cents are worth more than our 5 Yuan.  [This is a reference to the 50 Cent Party. A person who belongs to the 50 Cent Party is said to get paid 0.5 RMB by the government for each pro-government comment they post on the internet.  Wu Hao is sarcastically joking that those who write pro-Google comments do so, not for ideological reasons, but because they get a better rate from the American government. For more about the 50 Cent Party, see here] So go!  Stop bullshitting on my territory. If you guys see this kind of crap, help me clean it up. I’ll of course clean it up too. (43 minutes ago)

(Note: unless otherwise indicated, all comments below are directed towards Minister Wu who began the thread by writing the comment above.)
Wangdahao: I want to know how you got your name. (43 minutes ago)

Dudiaowengershi: Then are you also going to take a grass mud horse? (sounds like “f*** your mom”) (43 minutes ago)

skytiger: Grass mud horse! Hurry and shut off your computer and save electricity.  Shouldn’t you be worrying more about addressing the drought? (Yunnan, the province where Minister Wu works, is experiencing a severe drought.) (43 minutes ago)

Wangjingchen: (42 minutes ago)

snowyowls: Grass mud horse, hurry and shut off your computer and save electricity.  Shouldn’t you be worrying more about addressing the drought? (42 minutes ago)

Laolutongzhi [old Comrade Lu]: I don’t get it, their 50 cents are more than our 5 Yuan…Lol. (42 minutes ago)

Sijiermo: Grass mud horse, hurry and shut off your computer and save electricity.  Shouldn’t you be worrying more about addressing the drought? (42 minutes ago)

Pitousi: Up yours! (42 minutes ago)

Jiamao: So am I a traitor?  Are you going to erase my differing opinion? I guess you can’t but help revealing your C(ommunist) P(arty) way of doing things. (42 minutes ago)

Yuanfushengxinhao: Who’s the real traitor here?  Go wag your tail between your legs and beg your masters in Beijing. It looks like you’re just another one of those types that stomp all over and persecute those in the motherland. (41 minutes ago)

Merlin877: Woh Woh Woh Woh Woh… (41 minutes ago)

Yanhuamoxiang [red-light district]: forward this microblog. (41 minutes ago)

Qianbijiaozhu [founder of the pencil faith]: Don’t you know how much Baidu sucks?  Have you even ever used Google??  Why don’t you go help your drought people. (41 minutes ago)

Acthinair: You’re being watched.  Bet you won’t sleep tonight. Let’s everyone spend the night around the fire chatting about Google. (41 minutes ago)

Sijiermo: Grass mud horses, you guys are like performance artists, keep up the onslaught! (41 minutes ago)

Daole: Number 5 (homonym for Minister Wu’s name), the Party Central Committee is calling you home for dinner! (Note: this comment follows the form of a legendary internet comment in China that was posted after a boy named Jia Junpeng (贾君鹏) spent so much time on the internet that his mother had to have the boy’s friends use the internet to call him home for dinner.) (41 minutes ago)

JayLeo: If your peehole’s crooked don’t complain that the urinal was in the wrong place. First take a look at yourself. (41 minutes ago)

Lilang: Oh, sorry.  I originally just wanted to see what Minister Wu would say.  I’m definitely checking out now.  Goodbye Minister Wu.  Let me ask you Minister, are you under the State Council or do you just directly take orders from the Party Committee? (41 minutes ago)

Yefengyunlong [maple leaf cloud dragon]: No matter what differing opinion you might have, one thing is essential.  You have to love the country.  You have to fervently love the motherland. (41 minutes ago)

Qianbijiaozhu: I guess he’s not embarrassed to fart in his own microblog space. (40 minutes ago)

Maladuanzi: Wow, what a guy!  I bet he’s going to get a promotion, what a bright future he has! (41 minutes ago)

Suibianhuanghuang [just checking around]: Does fighting for free speech make you a traitor?  Don’t frame everything as an issue of nationalism or patriotism. (41 minutes ago)

Yinyuexiaofeng [reciting the moon, calling the wind]: Number 5 (sounds the same as Wu Hao) has lost his senses. Keep watching. (41 minutes ago)

MimicryRyu: Minister: don’t forget to get your daughter immunized (This comment refers to contaminated immunizations that people blame government officials for not spotting earlier. See here) (41 minutes ago)

Shijienabuqiyandejiaoluo [that unremarkable corner of the world]: Forward this comment: I really look down on traitors.  You can love the P(arty), you might not love the G(overnment) but you had best as H(ell) not go off about being unpatriotic. (41 minutes ago)

ZhanshinaDmeibanfa [currently unable to hold the Party]: You’re really hurting your career prospects by making comments like that. The government is not as opaque as you might think—merit does actually count.  I’m afraid you won’t be looking to be promoted. (41 minutes ago)

Woshijiafeimaoa [I am the fattened cat]: You should get your esteemed self on over to the People’s Daily website.  This isn’t quite the right place for you!  Everyone else isn’t getting paid for posting comments, so there’s probably a bit too much honesty for you to handle.  It must make you feel a bit of a chill. (41 minutes ago)

Voiceasa: I partially support and partially oppose the Minister’s comments. (41 minutes ago)

123456yq: There’s no need to be this way.  We’re all comrades.  If you keep at it then there will be some serious “contradictions among the people.”  Comrades, cool it. (41 minutes ago)

Shaoxi: There’s no 50 centers here. (41 minutes ago)

Yiyang1 [praise and censure 1]: Grass mud horse, you’re the one being a classic traitor. (41 minutes ago)

PandaKongfu: I guess the Minister has finally revealed his true vicious self. (40 minutes ago)

Jiangjiangjiang: Haha, having a great time imagining the blind rage this is putting the threadmaster (Wu Hao) into. (40 minutes ago)

MimicryRyu: Everyone should all report the Minister for writing profanity and insulting fellow netizens. (40 minutes ago)

Maladuanzi: Man, what a retard. (40 minutes ago)

Xiaoxiapi [little dried shrimp]: Man Minister, you must have eaten some crazy shit to have spoken so well. (40 minutes ago)

Zuojingguanwan: Little Minister, little minister, aren’t you a bit out of your league.  I’m laughing and I’m speechless. (40 minutes ago)

Pingchangfanxin [ordinary worldly desires]: The word for traitor, hanjian, originally referred to one who betrayed the Han ethnicity.  Later the word was used to refer to any Chinese national who aided the enemy and sold out the country and the people’s interests.  So who is it that’s harming the nation’s interests now?  Who is the real traitor here? The most revolting traitors are those who hold aloft the flag of “patriotism.” (40 minutes ago)

Bonjourcasper: China truly needs those who have a conscience and love their country… (40 minutes ago)

bolee: I didn’t know that Minister Wu was such a total thug!! (40 minutes ago)


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